Sunday, July 26, 2009

Locks not Tightened

On Friday, as I was playing in my hair I found a lock that was missed during my retightening. First thought was, I pay my consultant to tighten my locks WTH?!? Quickly after I said to myself people aren't perfect. So opportunity presented itself and I pulled out my NL tool and got to tightening. This one lock was in the back left side of my head so I got my duck clips out and tightened the lock. I was unable to do a full rotation, so question for my more mature SL family, is this going to be a problem for the next retightening?

Today is now Sunday and I found three other locks in two different areas, 2 on the top in the crown and another in the back same side as the first one. Seriously now, yes I have a lot of hair but what's the point of going for a retightening if numerous locks are not done. What if I wasn't an aspiring DIY'er? What if my next appt isn't until 6 weeks? What if? Because of the what if's I'm now considering going to take the training class. I've already made the investment so why not pay the course price to learn from a trainer only problem is the next class coming up in my area I will be on vacation. Decisions, decisions. I don't want to fly anywhere for the course and I'm not going to continue going for retightenings when I'm doing maintenance at home. As it stands right now, I may cancel my next retightening....what you think?

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Bajan Lily said...

That's a lotta what ifs... great opp to practice self-retightening but I'd be pretty annoyed as well if locks were missed... after all - you're paying for it!!

Gigglz said...

I'm annoyed but at the same time this morning as I retightened one it felt like I can do this myself. I don't really need a consultant to do this for me. But yes I am paying for a service which is incomplete!!! I don't even know if its worth addressing.

A Sista Who Locked said...

I would definitely talk to her about that. People do make mistakes, but you have every right to address it. Sometimes I want to learn how to do it myself too, but until then, I am going to pay my girl and if there is a prob, we will have to discuss it.

Gigglz said...

Although I'm very outspoken I don't think I'm going to bring it up this time. I will go for my next retightening and if it happens again that I will address it. Everyone's entitled to a mistake, so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Plus on the upside it gives me a chance to test my own skills.


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