Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Creative Juices Flowing....W/a pic

UPDATE Here is a picture of the back!

I have been wearing my locks in a ponytail with a bang. But to achieve the ponytail I split my head and two and put that in ponytails and then pulled it all together in one. Then I put a roller in the bang for a curl. This morning, I think I must have been dreaming about how I could wear my hair and I woke up with a bright idea. Why not put a french braid going up into a ponytail!! I thought to myself, yes, that will work, because it would alleviate the tension I was causing with the 3 ponytails. So I did it, I didn't have to use pins or anything!!! I slept with the jherri curl rods in my bang and it came out BANGING!!!!

I received so many compliments from the ladies at work on it, so this is definitely a keeper. I tried to take pictures but it was actually so sunny out that the flash made the pictures dark. So I will post pics once I do it again. Since Thursday is my actual official loc-a-versary I will be taking tons of pics!!!


Hibiscus Niki said...

I was wondering how the color is affecting the texture of your hair. I am contemplating color, maybe not my whole head but just some highlights. I have heard others say that the color really changed their texture. I can't afford to have that happen as my hair is already soft and fine. Love the basket weave by the way.

Gigglz said...

Hibiscus - I haven't had any issues with my texture changing. However, I didn't have soft hair to begin with. My hair is very dense, although it is fine. Its been over a month and no issues, knock on wood.

I know a few people who want to try henna. I think I may do so the end of year. I'm going to go to a local Indian salon that threads my eyebrows and let them do it.


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