Monday, March 22, 2010

Processed not Permed you need to cut them? Help?

I posted this to LIU, but then I thought I could also ask my blog family to see what thoughts you all may have. So here it is:

I have had my SL's for almost 13 months and I originally started with probably about 2 inches of processed hair. My hair was processed with somewhat of a texturizer chemical (Miss Jessies). After 13 months I have quite a few areas of my head that has locked. However, depending on what shampoo I use, when my locks start to air dry the ends look curly (like how they looked prior to locking). I have not cut any ends off the locks that have locked, so my question is, do I need to cut the processed area off in order for the remaining locks to lock? Or will the processed ends fall off on there own?



Hibiscus Niki said...

I started with permed ends, not texturized ends, but I believe they are similar as the texture has been altered to the hair on the ends. I think that the person should wait until she is past the starter stage and the frizzie stage; wait until the locks begin to settle. At this time, there will be a distinct difference in texture all the time for the hair that will not lock. Some of my ends bunched and I did not have to cut the permed ends because it was absorbed into the lock. Other ends that did not bunch were cut during the settling stage. The ends that bunched looked a bit thicker at first but as time went on, they smoothed themselves out and I never had to do the bunching repair that I have seen others do. Patience is the key. She should let her hair tell her what to do and do what makes her feel most comfortable. I cut my ends off but I know of others who held on to their for longer. It's just a matter of personal preference. If you direct her to my blog, I have pictures where the ends were pretty and smooth, and I have a picture of the frizzie stage where the ends were a hot mess! In time, they corrected themselves and still turned into nice locks.


A Sista Who Locked said...


If you remember, I started with overly pressed ends, and I want to say at month 7 and 9 ( I think) I got my ends clipped. I did so because of the same issue you are having after the washes. PLUS, I think it looks better and helps to really give it that 'locked' look. My loctitan told me that I didn't have to cut them, but eventually at some point I would want to. I don't think they just fall off. I can definitely tell the diff in my locs without the straight ends.

Gigglz said...

@Hibiscus Nikki - actually I'm talking about myself with the processed ends :-) I have noticed some bunching on the ends but I actually like it.

@ASWL - I remember you had processed ends and you cut them off for some reason I though they were permed ends. did say that you saw a big difference. So I did take the scissor to about 5 of my locks in the front and cut off the straggly hair. I'm going to give them about 2 months and see how they progress. If all is well, then I'm going to take the shears to the rest of them that have not locked yet. Or not!! You know I change my mind all the time.

A Sista Who Locked said...

Go for it, but be careful not to cut up to far! Every now and then I will clip at the veeeeeeeeery tip of the loc where the hair is just bone straight, dry or wet. I only have that issue in the front, but I am almost rid of all of the ends that were compromised from all of that pressing.

Unknown said...

My texture was compromised from blowout too. I just twisted last Sunday to strand. I've had lots before but when I started before there were no straight ends. I'm down debating cutting them too but I really can't because the ones in the front would be obnoxiously short.


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