Monday, April 13, 2009


Only difference I see with the braid out and free styling is that I have some more length on the sides and back with the braidout. The downside of doing cornrows straight back (jailhouse style) is that now my bang is pulled back and the natural wave is non-existent so they are all over the place. Looks like the headband will do the trick today, I doubt I will be doing this for the next few days because at my current length I don't see any benefits, any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck on you showing your pearly whites...I can see you wearing it back with a bright head scarf.

Gigglz said...

LOL!!!! Yes, I've been known to be a little "too cheesy"!!! I've heard about the LOC SOC, I need to get to ordering that right away!!


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