Monday, November 23, 2009

One would think

That since it was my birthday that I had some grand ole plans going on this weekend.  Well I didn't!  The highlight of my weekend was seeing Disney on Ice, which was very nice.  No new hair updates besides a wash with no braiding and banding I might add and then a braid out. With a braidout it puts a lot of tension on my locks around the edges so I'm going to have to limit it to 2x a month so I don't pull to much and end up with thin roots.  This weeks plan is to start my retightening which I'm in no hurry to do and I've noticed some bunching on a lot of locks in teh back and I was able to pull some of the bunching out.  During my retightening I will be focusing on pulling whatever bunching I can out at the same time so this one may take a bit long.  More to come on that though!


Unknown said...

what is bunching? do you have pics because I have a weird lump on one of my locks in the back and I think it may be bunching, but Im not sure!!!

Gigglz said...

Yahvinah - that weird lump is probably bunching if its much thicker and softer than the rest of your lock. I don't have any pictures but I will definitely take one for you.


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