Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you for keeping me blogging!

I'm a bit late, but I want to recognize the first day I started my blog which was 4/9/09. I started this blog with the intention of documenting my journey which I didn't know what to expect and I think I've done a pretty nice job of doing so. Of course I deviated from time to time and I took hiatus when I had nothing to say. However, if I ever had a bad hair day or bad day at all, I could unconsciously lean on my blog family. Over the course of the year I have met some great woman with a strength that is undeniable. I want all my followers to know that I appreciate every comment, question, and even just a thumbs up that you have given me over the past year it is greatly appreciated. As I noted in another post I will continue to blog and keep my dedication to my blog the same as it was in the first year.

Stay tuned for more product reviews because I've become antsy for some new ones I'm definitely in the mood for some new styles!

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