Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do you do it?

If you recall in one of my blog post I switched to washing my locks weekly because they looked so fresh and I would always get compliments after a fresh wash. The 'fresh' look wasn't happening after a while and it felt like the dirtier my locks the better they fell and curled. So I went back to washing every other week. With my bimonthly washes I use the SL starter shampoo for one wash and Suave clarifying shampoo for the other. On the wash I use Suave I follow up with the SL moisturizing conditioner. As my locks have gotten longer and have more hang time, during my workouts I feel and see the perspiration dripping from the end of my locks. I just purchased ACV and I have yet to try it but based on what I heard it will give my scalp a good clean feeling. I know I can't use this weekly. So for this reason, I'm going back to weekly washes so I ask you.

How often do you wash? And do you use the same product each time until the bottle is finished?


msfullroller said...

I wash every 3 days and use the same product, African Black Soap.

Gigglz said...

Wow - every 3 days? Why so frequently?
Do you have a website you can refer me to for the African Black Soap?

msfullroller said...

Yep, every 3 days. I discovered last summer during a retightening that my scalp produces a lot of oil on it's own, however my hair is the opposite. Since it was hot I was rinsing everyday and washing I think every 4-5 days. By the 4th day of this retightening, my scalp had started to itch, the flakes were oily and my scalp had become sore. It dawned on me that my scalp must like the more frequent washing since I was not washing during retightening time.

I've tried anywhere from every 4-7 days but it seems that I can't keep up with the buildup on my scalp at that rate. For me, my scalp would be shiny as if I've oiled it. I've tried ACV, baking soda, essential oils, dandruff shampoos, herbal rinses, you name it. This is the first time in my lifetime that my scalp feels good. This does mean that I have to oil my locs more.

I get mine from I did a review on this so check out the post just in case I don't have the website right.

A Sista Who Locked said...

LOL… I laugh because I was just telling my fiancĂ© that my hair seems to do better when it’s dirty and it looks more ‘lockish’. I won’t lie, sometimes I would go for 3 weeks without washing my hair. I know better, especially since I workout, I sweat, and I use a lite conditioner on my scalp (which can cause build-up even though it says it’s lite). I am doing a test this week to see what happens if I only use my EO infused spritzer on my locs and scalp and NOT the lite scalp conditioner. I am going to go to the gym like usual, and I am going to see if that will make a difference. The only reason I feel like I am having such an issue now is because of the scalp conditioner. My scalp was so flaky and itchy I HAD to use something. Ever since I used Head and Shoulders (only 3 times) my scalp has been on its best behavior. I have not use it since because that too can cause build up. I don’t know Gigglz… I am curious as to what others will say about this one.

Gigglz said...

@msfullroller - I read your post on the black soap and it does seem like it might be worth my while. I have an African store around the corner from my house so I may pick up the raw one from there first and play around with it before I order online.

@ASWL - congratulations again on your engagement. I'm not noticing any build up because I dont' use any products in between my washings. Only thing touching my locks is perspiration so I need to start washing more frequently, LOL!

Chawn said...

Hi Gigglz, let me tell you, I love your locks. I am a newbie and have only been locked for a week and have washed my hair every week since installation. My consultant freaked when I told her that but said I was okay because I only had a little slippage which I think came from working out rather than washing. I have to wash my hair often because I work out every day and something seems to be settling on my scalp. Right now I am using Head and Shoulders and the Sisterlock Starter Shampoo. I am open for suggestions.

@msfullroller, I used to use black Soap on my body and it cleared up a lot of skin issues I had. I never thought to use it on my head. I am experiencing some severe build up by day 4 I am really flaky. I am going to check out your post with the black soap.

Bee said...


Up until three months ago, I used the Sisterlock starter shampoo, but the flakes didn't disappear. It drove me crazy.

Now I use Suave Daily Clarifying and Sisterlock shampoo each. 1 wash with one, and 1 wash with the other. And after that I do a ACV rinse. It feels great! And last but not least, I put on the Sisterlock moisturizer. I am pleased with this routine for now, but I have only been doing it for two weeks now, so I am still trying to gauge whether it is working to get rid of the flakes. OH, and I also started drying my hair with anything other than something that can put lint in my locks. That helped a lot too.

Anonymous said...

I shampoo faithfully every week with Pantene ProV Clarifying shampoo.

I let it air dry that day and spritz with distilled rosemary water every day of the week after that. The next week...repeat.

Here's a tip I picked up from a regular loc website (before I finally found those dang microfiber towels) dry your hair with t-shirts. Oh man! Did I have a boat load of those to use!

Mrs. Emancipated


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