Monday, April 12, 2010

Looks this past month

Normally I do not put any products in my hair for styling, but I think its time. As you will see in all of these photos the curls in my hair are GONE!! I just have to find a good product for hold, and that's also a good hold for after a workout which is key!

Note....I'm prepping my daughter for her photos...check the crook in her neck!!LOL!


Bajan Lily said...
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Bajan Lily said...

LOL at the crook in her neck - you have taught her well :)

I like the pic with the bangs - looks like you could be rocking a short cut here (showing a lil SL versatility!) - u wait til I am back on my feet.

Oh and I ordered that Mac Ample goodness!!!

The Real Nique said...

I love the versatility you show in your photos. Fashion Forward!

PhePhi said...

dang girl u hottt!!

Gigglz said...

@Bajan Lily - Ample pink, let me warn you it has conditioning properties so it feels like your lips are burning!! LOL!

@Real Nique - isn't that the best, the versatility of SL's.

@PhePhi - thanks, blushing!!

And let me tell you the look where my locks were out was a tired bantu knot that did not dry and looked a mess by the time I took pictures. Just a mess!

Bajan Lily said...

lol NOW you tell me! It arrived yesterday and I was wondering what that tingling feeling was! Thanks again!

msfullroller said...

Your daughter looks just like her mama...beautiful! Go'head on girl!

Gigglz said...

@Bajan - sorry, but the subtle color is worth it!

@msfullroller - thank you.


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