Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Air Drying Time

Nothing new to write about. Oh wait yes, I did an ACV rinse, I have to take some time to write that story but for now here is a pic from this morning with my lock loops on day 2. I couldn't take a pic on day one because I had to drive (yes drive in the morning commuting traffic) with my lock loops in because my locks still weren't dry after 10.5 hours, wth? How long does your locks take to air dry nowadays? I'm still have no plans to use a blow dryer or sit down dryer so I better make time for air drying.


Unknown said...

wow 10 hours is a lot! Its been so long since i did any styling, i dont know how long it takes!

Your colour is really popping! :D

Denise said...

It means that your locks are growing! Your hair looks great. Love the pic.

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Love the way your locks look in this pic. I really havent timed my hair to dry lately but I'm sure it's close to a whole day.

Gigglz said...

@yahvinah - don't worry I don't style much anymore either. With my workout schedule (prepping for summer and my vacations) its a waste of time to do any real styling because the next day I've lost all my work.

@Denise - Ugh, growing I feel like my locks are back at a standstill again, but thanks so much!

@V - thanks so much. Thats what I'm thinking that I need to sleep overnight and then be able to keep the rollers in till about noon the next day! Wow! Who has that type of time, maybe I will reconsider a dryer as my locks get older.

Gigglz said...

And V --- you changed your name just realized that! I like!

Bee said...


Your hair looks great....I think you and I are averaging the same air-dry time for our Sisterlocks. I just did a Soft Spike set the other day, and my hair was still damp in some places after gazillion hours. Next time I set I am going to sit under the dryer. I heard you can get attachments to your blow dryer and do it this way instead of buying one.


Kicukalah said...

Your hair looks fabulous!! I have been gone too long and going back now in your archives to find the post about your color. It's gorgeous.
I'm so invy your locks right now. smh

Kay exquisite said...

Hey your hair looks great. How is it holding up to the color did it dry it out at all or is it business as usual? Also do you towel dry your hair before you set it? If not that might help, dry it until its only barely damp and then set it with ur roller of choice and c if that makes any difference.

Gigglz said...

@Kay - thanks. Yeah I have no side effects from the color in terms of feeling dry, but I am feeling like my hair growth has stunted.

I do towel dry it and then let it air dry...I guess I will just let it air dry all the way and just use some spritz when I roll it.


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