Saturday, January 8, 2011

Quick Flick

I took this photo as usual in my car but I liked the detail it showed of my locks. I owe you all some close ups and comparison photos which I will get to in the next few weeks.
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Afrolady said...

GIRL!! I just had to let you know how FIERCE your locs look! Keep glowing and growing!

MsReinvention said...

Your color looks great. I am a fan of your locks and hope that one day mine look as lovely as yours. Btw, how long after your install did you dye your hair? I keep getting conflicting info on this one.

Gigglz said...

Thank you Afrolady!

MsReinvention - don't worry yours look just as good right now! Now dying I tried to dye like 7 months in and I didn't succeed there was absolutely no color change. I then got antsy and went to a salon and they had to lift my hair in order for the color to take. So ultimately they bleached it in order to lift the black color out. Since then I haven't lifted the color I just put a rinse in a few months back and only my ends took, my roots are still dark. I like the two-toned look for now so I'm sticking with it. Check uner my Hair Color label and you can see the timeline.


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