Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pipe cleaners

My first time trying pipe cleaners and I love the results!!!!!! I did not put them in on wet hair I used the crinkles and curls mousse and parted my hair into 6 sections to make it easy. Once I took them out I just separated the curls and this is what I have. More pictures to come!


dreadlock experts said...

Looks good-but if ever you decide to transition to another natural hair look, PLEASE do not CUT your locks.

Use the Take Down Remover cream for taking out braids, weaves, twists or natural dreadlocks easier,faster. It detangles very matted tangled hair easy and safely.

It also prevents hair breakage no matter how long your braids or weaves are in. It is great for women who are transitioning to natural hair from relaxers as well.

It is not a water based or glycerine based product-so it works on every type of hair texture, every head, every time.

La Leek said...

I think your hair is very beautiful. I think I want to get sister locks. My hair is natural now and I swore I would never get locks but I now know why they say, "never say never". So I have a few questions. After you got your sister locks done did your hair seem longer or shorter? How long did it take? you mentioned that you had to pay for the 6 inch but how much was that? And finally what was the condition of you hair when u went in for your locks?

Gigglz said...

After getting my SL's my hair seemed longer because although I had shrinkage the strands were stretched for the pattern. My installation took uhm I think 15 hours. I paid alot but each salon is different and a reputable place posts the price on their website so you know before you even go in. The condition of my hair was healthy.

La Leek said...

Thanks for answering!


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