Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Newly Sisterlocked Interview #4

This lovely lady has joined the Sisterlocked family in the past few months after having traditional locks for 7 years.  Read on about her wonderful journey thus far:

Gigglz:  How long did you want sisterlocks before actually getting them installed?

I’ve wanted Sisterlocks for years. Before I started my traditional locks 7 years ago I met a woman with Sisterlocks that she got installed in another state. I was not able to find anyone in Houston who did them so I went traditional. 7 years later, here I am!!!

Gigglz:  How long were you natural before getting sisterlocks?

I was natural 1 ½ years before traditionally locking and I wore traditional locks for 7 years before I decided to get sisterlocks.

Gigglz:  How many consultations did you have before deciding on one, and did price play a part in your decision (honestly)?

I had 3 phone consultations with 2 consultants and 1 trainee, but I only did 1 actual consultation. The consultant I went with was actually more expensive than the others, so I guess price did not play a part.

Gigglz:  What made you choose your consultant?

There were so many signs pointing me to my consultant. I got a really good vibe from her through our phone conversation. She even told me how to take down my traditional locks so that I could save more length. I got her number from the Sisterlock website, then when I talked to a lady at my church about her SLs I discovered it was the same consultant! After talking on the phone and scheduling the consultation I met another one of her clients in the grocery store when I was compelled to ask her if she had sisterlocks. To top it all off, she lives less than 10 minutes away!

Gigglz: How many hours did it take?

17.5 hours in one day!

Gigglz:  What was your initial reaction to them?

I loved them from test locks all the way to install! I guess because I have wanted them for so long, I didn’t care what they looked like in the beginning because I knew their potential, but I was absolutely satisfied the moment they were all in. I was fascinated with the parts!

Gigglz:  Do you see any disadvantages to sisterlocks?

Nope! I am a pretty committed person. I mean, I wore traditional locks for 7 years. So I was cool with committing to sisterlocks. I prefer sisterlocks to traditionals because I will be able to style them more.

Gigglz:  What products do you use and how often do you use them?

I’m one month SL’d so I am only using water spritz and the SL starter shampoo.

Gigglz:  What hair accessories do you wear?

None right now…..I am soooo low maintenance

Gigglz:  What do you wear to protect your hair at night?

I wear a satin bonnet, and it seems to be working out nicely

Gigglz:  How do you feel about your SL's today?

I am absolutely in LOVE!!!!! I play in my hair often, because I am excited about how small they are. I have been able to put curls in my hair (thanks for the lock loop tips) and I don’t have any complaints.

Pic One - Traditional Locks
Pic Two - Sisterlocks (front view)
Pic Three - Sisterlock (right side view)
Pic Four - Sisterlocks (left side view0

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soon to be HotLocks said...

I absolutely love the Q and A posts of new sisterlockers. I live in Canton, MI. I decided sisterlocks were for me over a year ago. I'm looking forward to installation on my birthday weekend December 5th 2011 (finally). I enjoy the blogs and info. Shared in the sisterlocks community. Thank you


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