Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Two days now .. not in a row (thankfully) someone has picked fuzz balls (i.e lint) out of my hair. First and foremost this is embarrassing; it happened first at a social gathering and the next at work..ugh ur kidding me right was the thought that ran through my mind today!! This brings me to what can I do to not have this happen again and secondly what is it that is making the lint get caught in there.

If I look at my routine, I sleep with a satin cap every night even if I sleep with the rollers (yeah I know real sexy) hehe!! In the morning, I take off my cap and shake my hair, I put on a shower cap take a shower then take that off. Before I walk out the door give or take every other day I spritz with a mixture of water, tea tree oil, and coconut oil and go about my morning routine. I don't put a hat on, or scarf so where is it coming from?

The only thing I can surmise is that any dust/lint that is in the air is attracted to my hair and viola there it goes. I have to figure out what can I do differently to avoid this in the future besides actually "rummage" through my locks daily?!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Oil attracts lint. Maybe use less oil in your locks.

Gigglz said...

Ah that makes sense!! I went for my re-tightening and after she washed my hair she put green tea oil in without it being diluted. My hair like water based moisturizers so I mix the oil with water and sprtiz daily!! Thanks for the tip!!


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