Saturday, August 7, 2010

Retightening Finally Done

I finally finished my retightening, its taken me close to 3 weeks. I started, stopped, started again and just was in no rush. Now that I'm finally done guess what its about time to start the front and back again ugh!!! What I saw is that I had tons of hair around my locks and I pulled them all in but its only happening in the middle of my head. I must say I'm loving the feeling of my locked locks, they are soft yet with such a cylinder feeling. So with that I'm feeling a bit better and I might do some curling now just to spruce it up.

Oh one last thing I've been using Organix coconut mousse to curl my hair and it worked fantastic my curls had sheen and bounce although they didn't last for the next day because I went to a nightclub the before was worth it.

I plan to do a deep condition this weekend, sit with it for longer than an hour just because its been so hot and I feel like my locks are a bit dry. I will be back to report on that. Additionally I've been looking @ my 2 headed dragons I think I might cut them bcuz its getting difficult to pull it all thru the new growth with the clip tool, more to come on that too....enjoy your weekend ladies!


Unknown said...

That's great you are tightening your own locks. I would love to but afraid. Please talk me into it :)

Gigglz said...

I took the retightening class last year August. However, prior to doing that I watched many you tube videos on how to do it. Its simple once you gain the comfort ...take a look and try one or two.


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